Vexta is a self-taught artist from Sydney Australia. With a background in Street Art beginning in the mid 2000s, her bold and extravagant artworks have invaded our visual landscape from Melbourne to Mexico and everywhere in between, from large-scale murals to gallery exhibitions, she is a nomad of our modern times.

Viewing the world through her psychedelic kaleidoscope, Vexta reinterprets the sacred elements within cosmology, mythology, life/death and the feminine, navigating these themes through the common threads that bind our experiences. Exploring the interconnectedness of all living things by juxtaposing animals and human forms amid her symbolic, geometric shapes, she provides an insight into our fundamental engagement with the human condition. Her recent practice has grown to include soundscapes, animated projections and installations. She has exhibited extensively across Australia, Europe and North America, including The National Gallery of Australia, Saatchi Gallery London, Banksy’s Cans Festival and has her work held in numerous public, academic and private collections globally. She also collaborates with clients such as Converse, Fabergé, Volcom, Juxtapoz, Adobe & Samsung. She currently spends her time based between New York USA & Tulum, Mexico.





“The prominent women of the international street art scene — like Fafi, Miss Van, Olek, Maya Hayuk, Faith47, Swoon, Bambi, Sheryo, Vexta and Elle — have shown that claiming a corner of public space is a subversive, rebellious act.”

NY Times 2014

“Australian artist Vexta’s work explores a dream world of neon shards, examining our relationship to ourselves, ideas about evolution, the mysterious interconnectedness of all living things and the atomic particles that hold it all together. Her work is also  galvanized by the idea of inspiring the younger generation.”

The Guardian 2015


A collection of sound mappings, recordings, spaces, places, an experience.


Each of these soundscape meditations was created recently and presented in Tulum, Mexico (Summit / Casa Malca) , New York USA (Private Collection / Residence) & Melbourne, Australia (Gallery Setting).




If you are interested in a private commission, a collaboration, inviting Vexta to exhibit or talk at your event or project please contact:

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