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Yvette Vexta is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia who is now based in New York, USA.


She is recognized as one of the leading female artists in the street and contemporary urban art scene, as well as being one of the first women street artists in what was once a very male- dominated field.


Her career started on the streets of Melbourne in the mid 2000s, armed with a backpack of spray paint and stencils. She began leaving her mark and messages on the streets, and soon her work flourished into her unique bold and colorful aesthetic. This led her to painting murals in cities such as New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Berlin, Singapore, and Mexico City, and into the gallery world, having now exhibited at The National Gallery of Australia, Saatchi Gallery in the UK, Urban Nation in Berlin, Art With Me Festival in Tulum and Banksy’s Cans Festival in London. 


Vexta’s artwork seeks to investigate and meditate on our connection to the natural world, drawing on studies in mythology, cosmology, quantum science, consciousness and life/death dualities. She paints these images as seen through her unique psychedelic lens, whilst keeping her feet firmly rooted in a deep ecological feminine perspective. Coming from a social activism background based in a love of deep ecology she has always paid homage to her activist roots that formed her career.


She navigates the themes of her art through the reinterpretation of the common narrative threads that bind our experience of being human. Exploring the personal within universal mythopoetic archetypes, her work often enmeshes figurative forms amid her symbolic, geometric shapes with floral, fungi and coral pattern on the macro and micro level. Through her practice, Vexta seeks to provide an insight into our fundamental engagement with the modern human condition as connected / disconnected to the natural world, and thus our own inner selves.


In recent years her practice has expanded from murals and paintings to include sculpture, soundscapes, augmented reality, digital art and immersive events. She also collaborates with a diverse range of clients such as Converse, Lollapalooza & Governors Ball Music Festival, Fabergé, Urban Decay, Sportsgirl, Juxtapoz Magazine & Samsung.

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